Exclusive - Festo mobile robotics system wins vote for WorldSkills 2007 in Japan

WorldSkills finals in Shizouka, Japan 2007

Robotino in action

After a busy day of voting by the Technical committee, Mobile robotics has been elected as a demonstration trade to appear at the WorldSkills finals in Shizouka, Japan 2007.  The category secured nine countries votes to partcipate including Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Finland, South Korea and Singapore.

In addtion the Festo mobile robotics system (Robotino) was selected by the organisers as the designated equipment on which the competition will run.

Over four days of competition, more than 800 young people drawn from over 45 member countries/regions will test themselves against tough international standards in 40 key skills and technologies. The ultimate prizes will be gold, silver and bronze medals.  Some of the other event categories include:

  • Polymechanics/Automation
  • Manufacturing Team Event
  • Mechatronics

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What makes the Robotino® so attractive for training applications?

The technology
The student integrates and uses an extensive range of technology, for example electrical drive technology, sensors, control technology, image processing and programming techniques.

The chassis
The Robotino® is a high-quality, mobile robot system with an omnidirectional drive. It can be moved forwards, backwards and sideways in all directions, as well as turned on the spot, by means of three wheels. The special attraction.

The Robotino® is autonomous!
Numerous sensors, a camera and a high-performance controller give the system the „intelligence“ it needs.  When orrectly programmed, it can freely perform the tasks required of it.

The current trend
In addition to industrial robot technology, the market for mobile and service robots is gaining increasingly in importance. With the Robotino®, your training will follow a major technical and economic trend.

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Background information

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