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Team Power

Our bespoke workshop raises the awareness and develops the ability of service engineering personnel, or any customer facing group, to work together as a team.

Using ‘reflective learning’ techniques, consultative communication skills and the appreciation that ‘colleagues are also customers’, participants soon recognise and demonstrate that working together as a ‘cohesive team’ is very powerful, rewarding and progressive; as it ensures that customer expectations are consistently exceeded, customer satisfaction assured and operating efficiencies are maximised.

Team Power workshops have their greatest impact when they are adapted to reflect the needs and objectives of individual customers. However, as a result of attending a Team Power workshop the participants can typically expect:

  1. To recognise the significance of the 3 core competencies in a successful team environment
  2. To continue to develop their communication, behavioural and attitude handling skills
  3. To adopt the culture that colleagues = customers
  4. To appreciate the significance of personal responsibility (ownership) in the team environment
  5. To accept the principle of ‘shared responsibilities’ in the team environment
  6. To recognise that the primary objective of a service team is to continuously deliver ‘customer satisfaction’
  7. To discover that delivering ‘customer satisfaction’ makes them all winners!

If the issue of team cohesion is of concern in your business and you would like to discuss it further please contact Sarah Fry on (01604) 667578 or alternatively, e-mail


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