Lean production principles & practice

Synchro game

Course summary

The participants are confronted with an initial situation involving customer and business requirements. The first round of the game reveals the deficiencies. Guided by the trainer, the players analyse the causes of delivery problems and low productivity, develop ideas for improvements and then implement these in the second round of the game. The results improve, but do not yet meet customer requirements. There is then a third round, sometimes a fourth.

Target group

The business game is aimed at all managers and employees who are confronted with production control processes in an operation.


  • Inventory minimisation as an important basis for increased productivity
  • The principle of ‘pull’ production control
  • Advantages compared to traditional production control methods
  • Types and functioning of different pulling production control methods
  • Applications of the methods
  • The classic pull principle: KANBAN
  • Practical implementation of a business game in a model production system
  • CIP processes as part of the business game

Course Duration

Courses are completed in three days and are available in-house or at one of our national training centres.

Price:   £850.00

Customised training

If you are planning to introduce a pull production control method in your company, we recommend running this business game directly in the company.

To discuss this seminar in more detail over a coffee, please contact the business centre on (01604) 667584 or alternatively, e-mail business_centre@festo.com.


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