Maximise ROI for your training investment

Post course clinic service.

Post course clinic

The new Post course clinic consultation service has been designed to maximise your return on investment in technology based training.

What is the first thing that people do when they leave a training course?  They start to forget what they have learned. Even the very best training can be rendered worthless if the information put across during the course is not retained. Research suggests that as much as 50% of the acquired knowledge can be lost within a few weeks of the training event if there is no opportunity to use it.

In order to get the best value from any investment in training, it is important that the skills and knowledge learned during the training are applied and practiced in the workplace as soon and as often as possible. The Post Course Clinic is designed to assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge into practice.

Clinic Structure

The clinic takes place at the client’s site. It is important to be as close as possible to the working environment for which the training had been planned.  Clinics follow a structured approach to maximise the value of the process for both employee and employer.

Initial Consultation:

A meeting with the person who organised the original training provides initial feedback on the course and attendees. It provides an opportunity to discuss reactions and feedback from the course participants.


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