Mechatronics open day

Discover the New Mechatronics assistant

We would like to invite you to attend our free Mechatronics Open Day in Northampton on Tuesday 1st June at The Applied Automation Centre in Northamtpon.

We will be launching a new software package called Mechatronics Assistant. It's effectively a personal assistant for all Lecturers that teach the subject of Mechatronics. 

Book your free place now by contacting Paula Wadhams on 01604 66 75 84 or email

The new courseware concept: Mechatronics Assistant
The days when you had to spend time on researching, copying, collating, stapling, and distributing are now over.
Mechatronics Assistant for training in educational institutes and industry:
The new mechatronics assistant is a syllabus oriented structured archive on CD-ROM with all the documents you need for your training:

  • Practice and topic oriented set of exercises with solutions, including for all MPS stations
  • Drawings, circuit diagrams, graphics
  • Video sequences
  • Presentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Operating instructions and safety notes
  • Manuals and other aids. This is a multimedia tool for project work, training and exam preparation, a hypertext-based reference work for all training-related areas of automation technology and a planning medium for training of mechatronics specialists related vocations

More than 2000 pages:
Turnkey tasks for modules, stations and systems mean that you can start teaching straight away with MPS.

More than 500 slides and more
than 1000 pages of teaching material for the instructor:
The instructor’s folder contains the complete ready to print trainee’s and instructor’s manual and a broad collection of slides, templates for the creation of additional exercises.
A fountain of knowledge:
More than 500 pages on over 25 topics- fundamentals on all aspects of mechatronics for reference, reading or as an introduction to a new topic.

Other features include:

  • Various source formats (doc, ppt)
  • Multi-dimensional database structure
  • Cross-references via hyperlinks
  • Password protected solutions area to allow the students to work on defined tasks
  • Note functions



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