New E-drives competency course

New course available from Festo Didactic now available

Festo Didactic, the training arm of specialist automation company Festo, has announced three important new contemporary seminar-based training courses to meet the needs of demanding industry professionals.

Festo Didactic trains 30,000 engineers all over the world every year.  With one of the most modern automation training suites in the UK, Festo Didactic brings over 35 years’ experience to the table, developing solutions for fast learning and successful retention for the entire range of automation and technology.

First of the new offers from Festo Didactic is Electrical Drives Competency Training, a course designed as a general introduction to electrical servo and stepper drives. The course aims to familiarise delegates with the design, construction and operation of drives, controllers and the motors. Each stage of the course is designed to provide the delegate with the goal of achieving a specific outcome. Practical sessions give delegates the opportunity to put theory into practice.

The course is targeted at all personnel involved with the design, installation and maintenance of industrial automation and industrial control products. It assumes a background in general engineering. Course duration is three days and can be delivered in-house or at one of the Festo National Training Centres.

Second on the list of new seminars from Festo Didactic is a course focusing on the HACCP guidelines for the use of pneumatics within food processing and packaging environments. The full course title is: Specification and Application of HACCP Compliant pneumatic equipment in Food Processing & Packaging. The course content is designed to familiarise delegates with the special requirements relating to the specification of pneumatic equipment to ensure food safety, hygiene and reliable operation within food environments. The two-section course uses a combination of short learning modules and practical exercises to convert knowledge and understanding into competency-based learning outcomes.

Section One addresses basic knowledge about the food processing and packaging industry, and covers the standards and directives to be followed in the development of pneumatic systems and machines with specific reference to HACCP. Section Two covers the selection of pneumatic components for use is defined food safety zones; the knowledge gained is not solely applicable to Festo products and technologies.

Naturally, the HACCP course is aimed at all personnel involved in the design, installation and maintenance of pneumatic equipment deployed in the Food Processing & Packaging industries. Course duration is one day.

The final new offer from Festo Didactic is the Training Service Ambassador. The course is designed for Service Engineers installing, commissioning and repairing equipment and machinery at customer’s premises.  It addresses the two main challenges facing service engineers, firstly to use specialist knowledge in order to complete the task and secondly to ensure effective communication with the customer.  Good communication skills are a vital skill to identify the customer’s needs and to ensure they are met. 

The course content includes questioning and listening skills, consultative communications skills and achieving customer satisfaction and future commitment.  Courses take place over two days and are available in house or at one of the Festo national training centres.  Practical exercises are used throughout the course to share experience and expertise and to gain the most from the time invested. The launch of this course is supported by special introductory rates for a series of open course dates at the national training centre in Northampton.

Festo Didactic is developing a wide range of technology and business training courses and materials including web content. The latest information and many trial software packages can be downloaded from the specialist training website at

For further information on any Festo training courses please contact Paula Wadhams, Training Co-ordinator at Festo on 01604 667584.


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