Now available: the new EasyPort USB

Connects the simulation to the real world.

EasyPort USB

EasyPort USB

New in EasyPort USB:

  • Up to 4 modules can be connected via a USB hub. Transmission speed: 115 kbaud
  • Analogue interface: sub-D 15-pin socket, 12 bit resolution, 4 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs, sample frequency 0.5 kHz. Digital interface: 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs on 2 x 24-pin Centronics sockets with 8 digital inputs each (24 V), 8 digital outputs (24 V). 24 V power supply. Digital signals represented by LEDs
  • Large LCD display, display of channel, unit, trend and measured value (4 digits). Selection of the channel to be displayed and the units via keys.
  • Extended scope of delivery including 24 V connecting cable on 4 mm safety plugs, USB cable, CD-ROM: EasyVeep, EasyOPC driver, datasheet, Activ-X control, examples of control using Labview

The principle is simple: the USB interface is connected to the PC. The connection to the automation equipment is via standard SysLink connectors. Input and output signals can thus be read into and output from a PC. So that EasyPort can adapt to different situations, we have developed software for the device drivers with a graphical user interface, via which connections can be made.

With EasyPort and the simulation software EasyVeep, which is included in the standard delivery, a variety of process models which are similar to real applications can be controlled with any type of PLC.

The models are documented and meet a broad range of requirements.

The topics covered include the following:

  • Level crossings
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Sorting systems
  • Sluice chambers
  • Lifts
  • Washing machines
  • 7-segment display
  • Garage doors

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