The impact of leadership on Employee Engagement

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Employee enagagement and leadership

What is Employee Engagement?

Many organisations are talking about employee engagement and how it influences the productivity of a business.

For some years the Gallup organisation has surveyed levels of employee engagement in Great Britain and around the world. They describe employee engagement as:

“those employees who are loyal
and psychologically committed to
the organisation”.

Engaged employees are not only more productive but they will also stay longer with the organisation (reducing knowledge drain and recruitment costs). They also have less accidents and sickness (reducing risk and non-quality costs).

Where businesses are operating in highly competitive markets or competing against products and service from low cost economies, employee engagement is a key success factor.

High levels of employee engagement will enhance the competitiveness of a business in two ways:

  • by driving up productivity thus helping to support cost effectiveness
  • by protecting the knowledge / skills base, enabling the organisation to offer ‘added values’.
  • Both contribute directly to improved sales and margins.

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Learn how to develop employee engagement

Don't Just feed Me Chicken - leadership principles to engage, enable & empower employees

Our new seminar improves manager’s skills to lead and encourage teams to become more actively engaged.

Managers also need to have well developed skills to lead and encourage their teams, guiding them on the correct path without making the individuals dependant upon their input.

As a result of this memorable one day seminar, managers will have a clear understanding of:

  • The impact of employee engagement on a business 
  • The influence a manager can have on employee behaviour 
  • The difference between managers and leaders
  • A leadership T-A-S-K analysis which will help them identify areas of personal strength and potential areas of development 

Various dates available on request.



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