Training concept for Agro-Industries

The consultancy concept with focus on the main sectors of Agro-Industries Food, Wood, Textile and Leather industry. The study conducted a survey in Thailand to analyse the industry demands with information focus on Automation Technology and Process Control in the industrial reality. Download the concept for only 19 €.

Based on the results of the survey, a demand-driven solution to respond to the needs of the agro-industrial sector in terms of technological institutes, know-how transfer in Automation Technology and Process Control, and state-of-the art training (Demand-driven offer for Competency Based Qualification in Agro-Industries) is developped.


The concept is:

  • is targeted to capacity building for industrial processing of agricultural raw material to half-finished or finished products.
  • can be qualified as a generic training concept for developing countries, semi-industrialized and industrialized countries.

244 pages, in English


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