Vocational training for people with disability

On February 13, 2009, an agreement between Annedore-Leber-Berufsbildungswerk Berlin (ALBBW) and Festo Didactic was signed.

The aim of this cooperation is to make best use of both partners´ potential to offer vocational training for people with disability.

ALBBW is an inter-regional, non-profit Center for Rehabilitation for first level vocational training for young disabled people in need of additional support and career advancement.

The cooperation has its focus on the establishment of spacious and technical facilities and appropriate staffing to offer vocational training in the field of Mechatronics at the ALBBW, the development and implementation of a 12-week long qualification module in Mechatronics for apprentices of the ALBBW, career development of Mechatronics of apprentices in the ALBBW, knowledge transfer to other vocational training centres and finally on preparation for participation in the “Abilympic International”, September 2011. Festo Didactic provides the technical equipment and teaching material as a continuous loan to ALBBW.

The ultimate aim is the improving the integration of young disabled people.


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