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At Festo, we know that the UK manufacturing industry is facing a challenging time of rapid change. In these resources, we share our expertise, insight and comments on introducing Industry 4.0. Whether it’s new technology and production processes or man/machinery interaction and training.

We need to proactively manage this change. We need to keep ahead of the curve.


Prepare your leaders for Industry 4.0

Leadership 4.0 looks at the leadership capabilities and qualities that will be required in the new factories of tomorrow.  There are five changes to the environment that will change the direction of leadership in the future.

Four signs you need to change

Part of preparing for change means assessing where you are now and what needs to alter in the immediate, near and distant future.  These are the four signs that your organisation is responding reactively to change and is at increased risk of threat to failure:

1. New competition in the market

2. Increase in complaints from customers

3. Low morale/disengagement


4. Low productivity

Industry 4.0 training

Find out about our training for manufacturers and engineering organisations on Industry 4.0.
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Leadership 4.0: smart skills for a smart industry, Connectivity
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Communicate the change of Industry 4.0, Smart Machines and Factories
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Managing the changing world of Industry 4.0, The HR Director
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White Papers and Infographics

White Paper: All change for Industry 4.0
Our extensive White Paper supports leaders and managers to effectively plan ahead. Make sure you have the knowledge you need to overcome the challenges of Industry 4.0.
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Infographic: All change for Industry 4.0
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We have a range of webinars on the Industry 4.0 topic
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Quick Check tool

Are you ready for Industry 4.0?
Use our Quick Check tool to get an indication of your company's digital maturity.  Following completion of a series of quick questions you will then automatically receive a handy evaluation report including recommended actions to assist you.

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All change for Industry 4.0

Ensure you are well prepared for Industry 4.0 by downloading our infographic and White Paper below.

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White Paper
We have produced an extensive White Paper, on the topic of Industry 4.0  that will enable leaders and managers to effectively plan ahead to ensure that you are facilitated with the knowledge to overcome the challenges that Industry 4.0 will  present.
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Workshop - Implementing Industry 4.0
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