Companies with energy efficient production lines benefit from a reduction in total costs and an
increase in long term profitability. But sustainable energy efficiency in automation requires a sophisticated approach.

As an automation supplier, Festo knows that intelligent engineering and energy efficient products, as well as energy saving services, are all important. Companies also need to identify the ever-changing training needs of their staff and provide them with the skills they need to adapt and tackle new tasks.


Bringing energy efficiency into view, Trends in Automation
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Guides and Practical Support

Energy Efficiency Experience
Our Managers’ Energy Efficiency Experience takes place at your premises. We will establish your current energy use in relation to air consumption and identify your actual energy saving needs. To show you how savings can be made sustainable – without the need for expensive initial outlay.
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Energy efficiency in compressed air systems
Our Guide highlights the hidden costs associated with compressed air and provides practical advice on how to lower your costs and maximise your energy efficiency.
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Productivity training
Find out about our training for manufacturers and engineering organisations.
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