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Managers predominantly secure their position on the basis of their technical or specialist areas of competence, some are selected on their ability to lead and inspire people. However few are provided the skills they need to truly engage their people, to help them to develop themselves and maximise the contribution they can make to the business and for themselves.

Our coaching and employee engagement training courses have been designed to close that gap and help managers recognise how to create an effective balance between their management, leadership and coaching responsibilities.

Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement? It is the difference between an outstanding organisation and one that it just mediocre.

By engaging your team, you will hold on to valued staff rather than losing them to competitors. Employee satisfaction leads to a highly productive workforce, achieving faster and more sustainable growth for your business.

Employee Engagement training for industry

Festo training supports you with employee engagement theories, strategies, activities and ideas. Helping your managers understand the effects of employee engagement, and developing their communication, leadership, appraisal and coaching skills.

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Want to find out more about employee engagement? We’ve collected together a host of interesting resources.

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Manage to engage…The role of managers in employee engagement.

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The signs of engagement – Infographic
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We've collected together a host of interesting resources and reads around our core training topics.

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