Coaching for Impact - Management, Coaching & Leadership

The training recognises the need for modern managers to be capable managers, leaders and coaches if they are to be as effective as they need to be in an ever faster changing business world.

Most managers secure their position on the basis of their technical or specialist areas of competence, some are selected on their ability to lead and inspire people. However few are provided the skills they need to truly engage their people, to help them to develop themselves and maximise the contribution they can make to the business and for themselves.

Our coaching training is targeted at closing that gap and helping managers recognise how to create an effective balance between their management, leadership and coaching responsibilities.

Target Group
Newly appointed and established managers.


  • Why coaching, where does it fit in?
  • What is coaching and what can be coached?
  • The coaching process
  • Coaching skills empathy
  • Coaching skills exploratory
  • Coaching skills Redirection
  • Follow up skills


Training Outcomes

  • Understand how people learn to behave and act more efficiently and effectively, and what motivates them to do so
  • Explore the coaching process and define their own process suited to their specific situation
  • Recognise the advantages of a modern coaching management style
  • Develop and practise using essential skills needed to be an effective coach
  • Recognise that, once embedded, coaching creates a process of 'continuous development'
  • Appreciate the value of rewarding positive performance when addressing areas of development
  • Understand and implement reflective learning skills
  • Build personal coaching journal to help enhance skills making coaching a reality and improving results
  • Develop tools with which to monitor the impact of successful 'coaching' through your team, your colleagues and your Company as a whole

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