Leadership lessons in employee engagement

Leadership lessons in employee engagement

A recent world wide Gallup survey revealed that in Great Britain:
-- 24% of employees are 'dis-engaged' from their employer, the 2nd highest in the world
-- 89% of workers do not feel actively included in their work place
-- 69% of workers feel that their manager doesn't care about them
-- 75% of workers don't believe that their opinions count
To be at their most effective and to ensure they work efficiently, organisations need their work force to be fully engaged. This can only be achieved if employees are suitably enabled and empowered to handle their work with minimum external or management support. This Workshop will explore the links between leadership and engagement. Using 'Lessons from Nature' participants will have the opportunity to observe and discuss the impact of leadership on different personalities.

The role of the Manager
Managers need well developed skills to lead and encourage their teams, guiding them on the correct path without making the individuals dependant upon their input. This unique and memorable workshop considers the manager's role as a coach and mentor to their staff. It considers how management style will determine whether employees are able, and willing, to work autonomously or if they will remain dependant upon their supervisor's input at every turn. The workshop also considers the environmental conditions that are necessary to engage individuals and help them to think for themselves.

Target Group
Managers and supervisors with responsibilities for employees.

Using parallels with nature, this workshop explores how coaching principles can be applied to avoid employee dependency. Taking place at the internationally renowned Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire, the workshop will:

  • demonstrate the techniques used when training birds of prey to perform in shows compared to preparing them for a return to the wild
  • discuss the difference between training & coaching in the working environment
  • highlight the significance of recognising performance and how rewarding performance means something more than praise
  • consider the impact of personality and behaviour style when coaching individual
  • recognise the impact of environmental conditions on the individual
Within the workshop our facilitator will introduce the 'Leadership T-A-S-K'; this concept will be explained and a tool will be provided that will help prompt reflective learning routines for each individual after the event. We will also explain how Festo Didactic Training & Consulting can support your own reflective learning processes after the event.

Why a Hawk Conservancy?

To help attendees understand and recall the key topics covered, each will have the opportunity to observe the behaviour of a range of birds at the Hawk Conservancy Trust and interact with them.

Through activities, presentations and discussions, managers will have the opportunity to consider their own management style and that of their company. They will be able to exchange ideas and experiences with peers to develop a strategy for the future.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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