Advanced Consultative Sales Skills - Module Two

Advanced Consultative Sales Skills - Module Two

Selling in the manufacturing and engineering industries has never been tougher than today.

Different customers react in different ways. Why do we seem to get on better with some customers than we do with others? How can we anticipate and handle their attitudes?

This course builds on the fundamental skills of consultative selling and promotes the value of competent communication in the sales process. It investigates the most common reactions encountered in the sales environment and provides practical structures to enable high levels of understanding and customer focussed actions.

Target Group
Designed for all sales staff or staff who are exposed to external as well as internal customers.


Divided into 6 sessions content includes:

  • Session 1: Introduction & Successes/Challenges
  • Session 2: Identifying Customer Attitudes
  • Session 3: Identifying the real customer attitude & Skepticism
  • Session 4: Misconception & Objection
  • Session 5: Complaint & Indifference
  • Session 6: Acceptance Action Session Supported by: Preview (Positioning Module 2) 

Ideally, participants will have been with their company for a minimum of 6 months and have participated in Oh Norman Module One.

Training Outcomes
On completion of this course the participants can expect to:

  • Possess increased awareness, knowledge & understanding of advanced sales skills
  • Know how to use the Sales Cycle effectively when encountering customer attitudes
  • Recognise and analyse the six main customer attitudes:

1.  Skepticism/Doubt
2.  Misconception/Misunderstanding
3.  Objection
4.  Complaint
5.  Indifference/Excuse
6.  Acceptance

  • Understand and apply the Two Steps of handling customer attitudes
  • Have practiced all of the required skills
  • Have gained a greater awareness of the value of effective team work
  • Realise the importance of fulfilling agreed actions
  • Realise the importance and value of trust in the customer relationship

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