Consultative sales skills in manufacturing & engineering industries - Module One

Consultative sales skills in manufacturing & engineering industries - Module One

Selling in the manufacturing and engineering industries has never been tougher than today.

Sales organisations are constantly demanding more from their sales teams who are often competing against multiple suppliers, sales channels and low cost imports. At the same time customers are seeking to drive down prices whilst demanding innovation and increased support in order to compete in the global market.

Increasingly equipped with products and prices that are similar to the competition, the skills of discovering customers' real needs and presenting benefits in the form of products or services are becoming even more important to sales people and sales organisation.

This course teaches the fundamental skills of consultative selling and provides the basis for selling in the modern manufacturing and engineering environment.

Target Group
Designed for all sales staff that have direct customer contact where the opportunity exists to sell products and services.

Part 1

  • Covers 6 sessions that teach sales skills in a modern, simple and pragmatic way
  • Personal expectations and preview
Session 1

The core competencies of a sales person

Session 2

The customer agenda

  • What is buying and selling
  • Traditional selling
  • Modern consultative selling

Session 3

  • Setting the stage
  • Positive openings
  • Effective listening
  • Open and closed probes

Session 4

  • Opportunities and needs

Session 5

  • Product, feature, benefit
  • Why sell benefits?
  • How do we sell benefits?

Session 6

  • Gaining commitment
  • Buying signals
  • The skill of gaining commitment
  • Why are closes sometimes rejected

Part 2

  • Reviews the practical application of skills from part 1, but also recognises the eight different customer needs and how to deal with them effectively.

Customer needs covered:

  • Security, Convenience, Service, Image, Performance, Finance, Power, Order
  • Each course is led by an experienced Master Trainer who has direct experience of using this method and skills to sell in the manufacturing and engineering industry

Delegates will learn through group reading exercises, facilitated discussions, partner exercise and practical activities. Each session is supported with a session booklet, and extensive video segments.

We also offer consultancy services to help assess sales skills, provide individual post training coaching or group follow-up workshops and clinics.

No specific knowledge is required although a background in sales or sales support is desirable.

Training Outcomes

  • Recognise the importance of the 3 core competencies of a sales professional
  • Understand the structure and content of the 'sales cycle' and the dangers of hitting the 'Wall of selling'
  • Recognise the benefits of consultative selling to their company and themselves when compared to traditional selling methods
  • Know the importance of using positive openings and gaining the customer's agenda when setting the stage
  • Be able to recognise and avoid the five barriers to effective listening
  • Have a clear understanding of open and closed probes and know when to use them
  • Understand the difference between an opportunity and a need
  • Know why it is important to identify the customer's 'hidden needs'
  • Understand the difference between products, features, benefits and how to present them to fulfil customer's identified needs
  • Be able to identify buying signals and use the two stage technique to gain commitment from the customer

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