Advanced communication skills for service engineers

Advanced communication skills for service engineers

Service Ambassador advanced communication skills

This course develops a deeper understanding of customer behaviour styles. It creates awareness of the professional's own style and considers how different styles interact. It investigates the most common reactions encountered in the field service environment and provides practical structures to handle them effectively. This course contains presentations, reading exercises, partner activities, discussion sessions, practical exercises, video extracts, reference material, workbooks and a personal profile tool. It is supported by a personal action diary to assist the individual to transfer acquired knowledge and skills into their own particular environment.

Target Group
All personnel involved in delivering after sales service on site at their customer's premises such as service engineers and technicians.

Personal experiences and expectations

  • Introduction to customer behaviours and attitudes
  • Identifying own behaviour style
  • Recognising the four main behaviour styles (DiSC®)
  • Understanding how the four main behaviour styles interact
  • Defining the most common customer attitudes
  • The four step approach to handling different customer attitudes

A good practical knowledge of their own company's machines for which they provide customer support is required. Experience of visiting customers in a post sales technical role is highly advisable. Although not essential, prior attendance on Service Ambassador communication skills for Service Engineers, will ensure the participant gains maximum benefit from this course.

Courses are offered over two days or as a one day extension to the Team Power course. Courses may be run in house or at our national training centre.

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