Communication skills for service engineers

Communication skills for service engineers

When installing, commissioning and repairing equipment on a customers' premises, the service engineer faces two challenges: firstly to use specialist knowledge in order to complete the required task and secondly to ensure effective communication with the customer. Good communication is a vital skill to allow the identification of the customer's needs and expectations and to ensure they are met. Only if all these requirements are met can we achieve customer satisfaction.

This course develops a structured approach to handling customer communications. It presents useful tools to guide the service professional and helps develop the core skills needed for effective communication.

The course contains presentations, reading activities, partner activities, discussion sessions, practical sessions, video extracts, reference material, work books and a personal action diary to help the individual transfer the acquired knowledge and skills into their own particular environment.

Target Group
All personnel involved in delivering after sales service on site at their customer's premises such as Service Engineers and Technicians.


  • Personal experiences and expectations
  • Identifying the Environmental factors
  • The 'Core Competencies' of a professional and successful Service Engineer
  • Comparing 'Modern-Consultative' and 'Adversarial' communication
  • The Communication Cycle
  • Key skills for 'Setting the Stage'
  • Strategic Questioning skills
  • Listening skills and the 'barriers to effective listening'
  • Identifying - Customer Needs and Expectations
  • 'Delivering the Result' - Customer orientated
  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction and future commitment

A good practical knowledge of their own company's machines for which they provide customer support is required. Experience of visiting customers in a post sale technical support role is highly advisable.

Training Outcomes
On completion of this course the participants can expect:

  • to have developed an increased awareness of customer perceptions
  • to be able to apply the customer 'communication cycle'
  • to have enhanced Customer orientated communication skills
  • to have developed skills to help identify customer needs and expectations
  • to have identified ways to enhance Customer opinion of themselves and their Company
  • to have developed a personal action plan to help implement benefits gained

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