Introduction to Energy Saving on Compressed Air Systems

Introduction to Energy Saving on Compressed Air Systems

This module is designed to assist those who work with compressed air systems to fully understand the costs, and potential waste of energy, associated with compressed air use. Methods and practices to reduce leaks and inappropriate use of compressed air are discussed, as well as the need to set and maintain optimum settings.
Correct sizing of components in relation to load, speed and pressure is covered with the use of Festo ProPneu software.

Target Group

Maintenance technicians


  • Air leaks - costs, sources and finding
  • Practices to reduce the risk of air leaks
  • Effects of leaks on machine performance
  • Component sizing
  • System design to minimise air leaks

General engineering background, experience in a maintenance environment.

Training Outcomes

  • Know the costs of compressed air use
  • Understand the need to maintain optimum pressure settings on compressed air systems
  • Be able to use various methods to find leaks in systems
  • Be able to select components of the correct size, for applications

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