Hydraulic Control Systems

Hydraulic Control Systems

Hydraulic training courses

Designed to familiarise participants with more complex hydraulic controls, the course introduces aspects of the electrical control of hydraulic systems.

The course investigates the control of multiple actuator circuits and includes sequence and pressure dependant operations. The use of accumulators is covered and some of their applications demonstrated in the practical exercises.

Delegates will use switches, relays and proximity sensors to solve control problems and both circuit and motion diagrams will be used for circuit planning and fault finding.

Target Group
All personnel involved in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial hydraulic devices and control systems.


  • Review of power pack, valve symbols, circuit construction
  • Multiple actuator circuits
  • Accumulator applications
  • Pressure dependant sequence
  • Solenoid operated valves
  • Electrical circuits, diagrams and symbols
  • Relays
  • Pressure switch
  • System documentation including motion diagram, function chart
  • Proximity sensors
  • System design
  • Practical fault finding

Modern Industrial Hydraulics (H511). No previous electrical knowledge is required.

Training Outcomes

  • Recognise the components of a hydraulic control system
  • Identify the switches and sensors used in the control system
  • Understand the function of solenoid operated directional control valves
  • Use circuit and motion diagrams to identify circuit operation and sequence
  • Design and construct basic hydraulic and control circuits

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