Proportional Hydraulics

Proportional Hydraulics

Designed to familiarise delegates with the construction and operation of proportional hydraulic valves, the course investigates the function of control amplifiers.

The course introduces the use of proportional, directional and pressure control valves and explains their construction, operation and response characteristics. The connection and adjustment of the control amplifier is explained and its operation investigated in the practical exercises.

A Programmable Logic Controller is used in the practical sessions, therefore the course includes an overview of its function and operation.

Target Group
All personnel involved in the installation and maintenance of proportional hydraulic devices and control systems.


  • SI units and conversions
  • Review of conventional hydraulic control
  • Overview of PLC control
  • Fundamentals of proportional control
  • Proportional pressure relief valves
  • Proportional amplifiers
  • Measuring valve hysteresis
  • Setting maximum and minimum valves
  • Ramps
  • Proportional directional control valves
  • Setting valve flow rates
  • Positional control of cylinders
  • Link of proportional controls to PLC

Candidates would benefit from having attended the following courses prior to enroling in this one. 'Modern Industrial Hydraulics (H511)' and 'Hydraulic Control Systems (H521)'.

Training Outcomes
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of proportional control
  • Recognise the symbols and terminology used to represent and describe proportional hydraulic equipment
  • Recognise the component parts of a proportional hydraulic system and understand their functions
  • Construct, set and adjust simple proportional control circuits
  • Understand the part played by a PLC in the control system
N.B. Course contents are only a guide and will be covered as far as time permits.

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