Mechatronics Level 2

Mechatronics Level 2

Our mechatronics training course has been designed to provide delegates with the skills to design and construct more complex control systems involving two or more cylinders and convert them to pneumatic, electrical or PLC control.

The course requires previous knowledge to the standard of 'Mechatronics Level 1 (M111)', and continues to develop the same areas of control. Circuits involving logic, time delay and sequence control are designed and built using pneumatic, electrical and PLC equipment.

Target Group
All personnel involved in the design, assembly, maintenance and servicing of controls containing

pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC equipment.

Review of details covered in 'Mechatronics Level 1 (M111)' including symbols, logic functions, and circuit layout.

  • Conditional and sequence control using pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, PLC Ladder and Statement List
  • Overcoming trapped signals
  • Cascade circuits
  • Use of flags
  • Time delay
  • Comparisons of control methods
  • System documentation to include motion diagram, function chart, allocation list, Ladder diagram,
  • Statement list, circuit diagrams

It is advisable that candidates have previously been on our Mechatronics Level 1 (M111) course prior to enrolling.

Training Outcomes
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Read and understand circuit diagrams for pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC controls
  • Read and understand displacement step diagrams, function charts, ladder diagrams and logic diagrams
  • Adopt methods for overcoming trapped signals in control circuits
  • Design circuits for the control of multi-actuator systems
  • Understand the function, design, technical data and symbols for contactless pneumatic and electronic sensors
  • Include timer functions in control circuits
  • Determine how pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC systems interface to each other
  • Compare pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC systems as solutions to simple applications

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