Introduction to FluidDraw Professional

Introduction to FluidDraw Professional

This course has been designed as an introduction to the potential of this powerful software tool. The course covers all aspects of the use of the software from loading and registering to the development of project documentation.

FluidDraw is a versatile tool for creating circuit diagrams and associated documentation for pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control systems.

Adapting drawing frames to company specification, creating library cells with commonly used component combinations and linking to the Festo product catalogue are all covered in the practical exercises used during the course.

Access to the software will be made available during the course however you may bring along your own laptop if you wish.

Target Group
Anyone tasked with designing pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control systems and creating the associated circuit diagrams and documentation.

- System requirements, loading and updating the software

- Symbol libraries

- Pneumatic ISO 1219-1

- Electric EN 60617

- Configuring and adapting drawing frames

- Structuring a project with multiple drawings

- Links to other software tools

- Festo product catalogue

- Product selection tools

- Parts lists

- Adding pictures and other inserts

- Drawing layers

- Creating bespoke libraries

- Highlighting components e.g. safety related components

- Use for a project Technical File for CE marking

An understanding of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control systems and components and the symbols used to represent these components.

Training Outcomes
- Navigate freely through the software

- Adapt a drawing frame and configure for a project

- Import component data and symbols from the Festo product catalogue

- Use component selection tools and link to the drawings

- Link drawings within a project

- Create tailored libraries

Course takes place over one day and is available in-house or at our Applied Automation Centre in Northampton.

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