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Apprentices_280x281.jpgApprentices are essential to develop young talent in our industry and solve the skills gap. As a manufacturer with our own apprentice programme we understand the challenges that many organisations face when they are looking to develop apprentices.

How will you deepen the knowledge and skills they get at college so they add maximum value to your business in the shortest possible time?

What development activities can you offer when they are not at college and during holiday periods?

Subsidised training for apprentices

To support businesses with apprentices, Festo offers highly subsidised places at a reduced rate of £680, saving you up to £290 on some of our selected courses. The subsidy applies to the following range of courses:

Subsidised apprentice offer*

Usual price
Discounted price
Introduction to Electo-pneumatics  £890  £680
Modern Industrial Pneumatics
 £890  £680
Modern Industrial Hydraulics  £970  £680
Introduction to PLCs  £970  £680
Mechatronics Level 1   £950  £680
Mechatronics Level 2  £950  £680

*If you are interested in a course that is not listed please contact us to discuss your requirements.

*This offer is limited to two apprentices per company per course and is subject to availability. For organisations with more apprentices we offer special prices on in house programmes. You  may be asked to provide proof that individuals are currently enrolled in an apprentice scheme at the time of booking.

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