Tailored and bespoke training

Bespoke_in_company_training_280x281.jpgFesto Training & Consulting has been running training programmes for end user manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) since 2000.

At Festo, we have developed an in-depth programme of training – run by industry for industry. We deliver training through open courses or training at your own facilities. Equally we can tailor our training or create bespoke training programmes to fulfil your specific requirements.

Open Courses

Our Open Course program includes more than 2,900 courses in over 39 languages and is attended by 42,000 participants worldwide.

In the UK, our open courses are usually held at our Northampton training premises. We also run training programmes in Ireland.

For our technology training, many clients use our free Training Needs Assessment to identify skills gaps prior to booking courses. These can be found on our course pages.

Training at your premises

Many of our courses can be run at clients' premises or at a site nearby. Often much more convenient, this option can also deliver significant savings in terms of: 

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Reduced accommodation costs
  • Reduced seminar costs per person, providing you have enough people to fill the course

If you are interested in an in-company course please contact us. Contact us

Tailored training for industry

Tailored training delivers specific content to match the needs of the client.  Clients don't waste time training in areas that are not directly relevant to them and are able to focus on acquiring the knowledge and skills that can really make an impact in the workplace.

As part of our Customer Specific Solutions offer Festo Didactic are able to provide tailored courses ranging from adapted standard course material to development of bespoke content unique to your specific requirements.

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When a customer's needs extend beyond a standard training program additional support is required. Such customer projects are focused on delivering defined improvements against agreed business objectives and KPIs.

Our consultative approach to designing bespoke training can extend to include providing assistance with introducing lean production methods to energy saving and many other topics.

We also have a unique approach to consultancy. We equip you with all the knowledge and skills required so that the process can be continuously repeated, without the need for additional consultancy support.

Bespoke training case studies

In order to maximise ROI we are frequently required to provide professional bespoke training solutions to more closely meet customers K.P.I’s.  This consultative approach sometimes goes beyond our more traditional training offer ranging from providing assistance with introducing lean production methods to energy saving and many other topics.

Please take a look at just a small sample of the many successful bespoke training solutions we have provided to our customers in the case studies.

Twinings – Upskilled engineers increase tea production by up to 40%. More

Starbank – Implementing a Strategic Management Development Programme.More

Unilever – designing a new and structured approach to training leading to cost savings and improvements in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).More

Maximising your investment

Attending a training course represents a significant investment from both the individual concerned and the company. So it's critical to make the most of your training investment.
Festo supports you with both pre and post training to ensure you receive maximum value.

Pre course assessments

Either face-to-face, online or using assessment papers, an individual's knowledge levels can be assessed and course recommendations provided.

Our Training Needs Assessment identifies specific requirements in three specific areas:

  • Technology used in the business
  • Production processes
  • Business needs

Contact us for your Training Needs Assessment.

Post course report

Individuals can receive a post course report highlighting areas of strength and weakness together with recommendations of the appropriate next steps for their development.

Post Course Clinics

Clinics take place after a course and are designed to transfer learned skills and knowledge into the workplace. Held on the customer's site and facilitated by the course trainer they are highly effective in maximising return on investment.

Contact us for a Post Course Clinic.

Coaching in the workplace

Ongoing individual coaching is highly effective in ensuring newly learnt skills become habits of the future and are not forgotten. One to one coaching encourages the individual to assess their own performance & develop their own solutions and action plans.

Contact us to find out more about our Coaching solutions.

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