Why Festo

At Festo we understand the challenges of upskilling and developing your people. As an engineering firm, we understand the changes happening in your organisations. That’s why we say we are a training provider with industrial DNA. Providing you with professional training for competitive advantage.

Why choose Festo Training & Consulting

Change in the manufacturing industry invariably encompasses three different aspects:




Helping you develop the technical capabilities of your company and people resulting in greater effectiveness and innovation.


Supporting the continuous improvement of your core processes leading to improved efficiency.


Assisting the development of communication and management skill. Increasing the capability and commitment of your greatest asset – your people.

Finding a training consultancy that has competencies in all these areas – as well as experience in the manufacturing sector – is difficult. Festo’s consultants are unique in this respect. As a major manufacturer, we have direct and relevant experience that we bring to your business.

There is one other critical factor why you should choose to work with us. We believe in taking an enabling approach to all projects. This means that as a project progresses, we ensure your managers are equipped with the knowledge and skills that enable their new skills to be repeated and embedded without the need for additional consultancy support.

An outstanding learning experience

At Festo our focus is delivering an outstanding learning experience. We pride ourselves on:

  • Experienced consultants with real world experience
  • A practical hands-on approach to learning new skills
  • Small group sizes, usually a maximum of 12
  • Using only the most modern industrial equipment
  • Ability to train on ALL and ANY equipment
  • Engaging participants through the use of games, video, role-play, case studies and self-analysis