Cutomer orientation

Customer_orientation_240x24.jpgThe challenge

The Managing Director of a leading furniture manufacturer, approached Festo Didactic to seek assistance following the poor results of a service level audit on the company’s contact centre.
  The audit revealed that when customers called into the organisation the quality of response varied considerably. 

In particular it highlighted some common problems as follows:



  • New potential customers were asked to call back without capturing contact details
  • If the person the customer wanted to speak to was unavailable, the messages taken carried insufficient information
  • Customers were often unaware who they were talking to
The solution

Following discussions with the Managing Director, Gary Fuller, Festo Didactic Business Development Manager, recognised that there was clearly a service heterogeneity problem, with the underlying link being that individual’s skills varied considerably and there was no standardised guidelines for individuals to follow.

The solution came in the form of a bespoke one day in company workshop, with a pre-workshop questionnaire to ensure all individuals skills were addressed. 
In particular the highly interactive workshop focused around addressing the following three issues:
  • Basic awareness of customer’s needs – Internal/External
  • Provide structure for handling incoming calls professionally
  • Fundamental consultative communication skills (based on selling principles).

The above key points provided a starting point for the structure of the workshop and lead on to develop a more bespoke solution for the training sessions.

Session 0:  Introductions, workshop structure & expectations

Session 1: 
“Customers: Who are they and what do they expect?

Session 2:  Moments of Truth: What are they and where do they occur?   

Session 3:  When the Phone Rings:  Professional, customer orientated, call handling

Session 4:  When the Call Ends:  Closing the call effectively

Session 5:  My commitment: Transferring learning into practice

  Professional, customer orientated, call handling

Client benefits

Upon completion of the workshop all participants benefited from:

  • A common structure for handling phone calls in a professional, consultative style
  • A check list of core questions to ensure all vital information is captured
  • Enhanced understanding of needs and expectations of customers Clear awareness of the Moments of Truth that influence customer opinion
  • Identification and practice of fundamental telephone communication skills
  • Personal action plans and commitment to transfer learning points into practice
  • Creation of a KPI that would enable the strategic development of customer orientation
  • Clear ideas on how to create a competitive advantage through increased customer orientation 
  • Customer quotes

    “Excellent – I hope we all put into practice what we have learned”

    “Enjoyable day, learned new techniques and skills”

    “I have not been confident on the phone, I think this will change now”

    “Plenty of opportunities to get involved – informative and enjoyable”

    “This will make me and the company more efficient”

    “I realised how big an impact I can have on customers when they call”

    “Role playing highlighted how we all need to develop our skills”

    “Enjoyable and thought provoking – well worth doing”

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