Hell's kitchen

Hells_kitchen_240x240.jpgThe client

Aspect provides software and consulting services that turn the potential of unified communications into real business results in the contact centre. Chris Farnath, Senior Director of the Customer Support Team in Europe and Africa, had previously used Festo to help develop his team building process, using personality profiling and teambuilding challenges. Earlier this year, he approached Festo again.

The challenge

Aspects Software UK were looking for a two
and a half-day workshop that would convince the managers of the benefits of working together. It was imperative that all the team members would be taken out of their professional comfort zones, and presented with a challenge where failure would have ‘real consequences’.

The solution

Festo Senior Consultant Mark Hemming came up with a perfect combination of memorable experience and serious learning opportunity, something that would capture the managers’ imaginations and force them to rethink their traditional autonomous working patterns.

The exact nature of the challenge was kept secret from all the participants until the very last minute. So when they arrived at the South Lodge Hotel in rural West Sussex they really didn’t know what to expect.

The five star South Lodge Hotel is one of the country’s finest hotels and eating venues. It
has two restaurants, one of which – The Pass – seats diners right in the kitchen.

On arrival the Aspects team discovered the nature of their challenge: to be the chefs for the weekend.  The full Hell’s Kitchen experience, in fact, and in full view of the diners.  As none of the Aspects team had any previous cooking experience, the news that in 24 hours they will be cooking for 22 paying guests came as an even bigger shock.

Client benefits

Chris Farnath was unequivocal in his praise:
“The session achieved all the goals we defined in advance, and exceeded our expectations in ensuring that the team worked together with real consequence. From a personal point of view, this was probably the most challenging but valuable team exercise I have ever participated in during my working life”.

It’s true to say that thanks to their attitude, focus and dedication, together with the knowledge and skills – and iron nerve! – of heir mentor and tutor Matt, they excelled at the challenge.

Following our terrific weekend, I have observed a significant increase in team awareness and collaboration. Not only have we achieved effective management engagement, but the banter has become significantly more culinary! Truly lasting memories and a tangible productivity increase – what more can I ask for?”

Client quotes

“I still refer back to the experience to remind myself that greatness is achieved
with planning, team work and communication”.

Hüsnü: “Instant feedback from real life customers, I will be taking these points forward and applying them to my team”.

Nigel: “In the heat of the kitchen good communication and timing is everything”.

Oliver: “One small chop for me – a giant leap for the team”. Rob: “I was so proud of what we achieved, thank you to Festo and South Lodge”.

Hells Kitchen
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