Feedback from our clients

Gerard Robinson
Product Engineering Manager
Henrob Ltd

"Festo has good coverage of the strategic application of Industry 4.0 from both top down and bottom up approach. "

Paul Yeomans
Technical Manager
MasterMover®International Ltd

"Working with Festo we have enhanced the communication skills within our service teams generating increased levels of customer satisfaction amongst our customers."

Graham Thomas
Field Services Business Manager
A-Novo Ltd

“We are extremely delighted with the content of the course. Our clients often view the Field Service Engineer as a trusted adviser and this course prepares them well for this. Social skills are becoming more important than technical skills in driving the customer experience to a positive conclusion."

Steve Day
Operations Manager
Intersurgical Limited

Gathering information from individual Needs Assessments resulted in various enlightening training courses - behaviour awareness, employee engagement, communication skills, coaching and appraisals which has brought us to the stage where we can safely say we are on the verge of being consciously competent as opposed to unconsciously incompetent!

Mark (and Festo's) experience in working in an engineering environment has been invaluable in engaging our group to take on board these new skills and work together to ensure a more consistent and effective approach is being used on a day to day basis.

Chris Farnath
Senior Director, Customer Support
Aspects Software Ltd

In my role as Senior Director, Customer Support at Aspect Software I have worked with Festo on several event based projects.  Festo's professional and collaborative approach ensured that the events were highly appropriate and very enjoyable.   I have personally found them to deliver value against areas that affect my services business, in some of the most unique and original ways.  I look forward to a long working relationship with them.

Chris Carr
Engineering Training Manager

 "Festo is widely renowned as a manufacturer of a quality product in engineering. The Festo modular approach to training coupled with nationally recognised qualifications is their recipe for a successful training strategy. Underpinned by expert trainers and consolidated with knowledgeable site contacts they have a winning combination that we have been using for 10 years and will continue to do so."

Andy Rimell
Engineering Manager
Yeo Valley

 “Our first line fix engineering machine operators now feel that they are contributing even more to company productivity. Having the skills to interpret equipment malfunction and being able to accurately brief our maintenance engineers about the problem is an empowering experience; it makes a significant contribution to preventive maintenance and helps minimise production downtime.”

Scott Pollock
Product Training Manager
Terex Equipment Ltd

“Our experiences to date with Festo and Service Ambassador have reshaped our attitude and language towards the customer, whether it be direct conversation or indirect tools/facilities and printed published work. Having effective customer empathy policies at the heart of our business will increase quality and grow business.”

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