Pre and post training support

The role of any training is ultimately to change habits in the workplace through the application of new skills & knowledge. Success is dependent on what happens before training and what happens after training.

Before training

Companies and Individuals need to carefully choose the right course dependent on the identified needs of the individuals and business. Individuals should have clear objectives for attending a course.

We offer Training Needs Assessments for our technology training topics, so that you can be assured that your people’s skills are at the required level for the selected course.

Post training support

Research has shown that as much as 50% of acquired knowledge can be lost within a few weeks of training – if it is not used.

Our Post Course Clinics are designed to assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge. They include the following:

•    Initial consultation

•    Certificate presentations

•    Open surgery

•    House calls

•    Health check (optional)

•    Follow-up consultation

Download our guide to Post Course Clinics